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I believe in using my platform to bring awareness to social injustices and inspire and encourage others to be the change they wish to see in the world.  That's why my music is #MusicThatGives, with my share of the profits benefiting orphans and children in foster care, a cause I'm passionate about as a foster and adoptive momma myself.

For my debut single, “King Of Hearts”, we raised enough money to provide a boy named John with life saving heart surgery.  John was, metaphorically, our "King of Hearts".  You can watch the video to see the profound impact your support had on sweet John!  

For my official album launch, I am hosting an international talent contest called Voices That Give to help artists of all genres and experience levels showcase their talents and launch their careers.  100% of my profit from the #VoicesThatGive contest will be donated to Project Orphans, but this time, we're raising money to build Project Orphans USA. 

Project Orphans USA will serve orphans and foster care children that are displaced within our nation. The goal is to build a revolutionary neighborhood model to address the broken foster system.  From providing shelter to restoration — we desire to see children’s hearts restored.